Sustainability at VOB

Reducing wastage 

VOB wants to add another dimension to its business operations by Reducing wastage.
We take a very straightforward approach to sustainability. As a printer we want to actively reduce wastage to limit our impact on our and your environment as much as possible.

We have noticed a trend towards much smaller print runs in packaging and displays. Paper waste plays an important role in this respect. We are already able to reduce paper waste by half with our new generation of printing presses. This amounts to a whopping 1,500,000 kilos of paper on an annual basis. Or approximately 15,000 trees.

Our sustainability certification
VOB is ClimateCalc certified, giving us and you the option of choosing climate neutral production. This benefits our customers, who increasingly often request environmentally-friendly printing options, as well as us. It’s our way of investing in the future.

Almost all the paper we use is FSC-certified. It’s our way of ensuring that our world’s forests are maintained through responsible forest management.

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