VOB excels at graphic solutions. We excel because we are a nationally and internationally reputed large-format offset printer. But that’s not all. In fact, there’s much more to tell. Because excelling at graphic solutions also means being a producer of high-quality printed materials in a variety of formats and sizes. At VOB Hardenberg, our four large-format presses never stop running. We use them to produce every conceivable graphic product, in any print run. Finished with varnish or a protective dispersion varnish or UV coating, where necessary. VOB takes care of your product from the prepress stage right through to the dispatching.

VOB is renowned for its super speedy production. We have reduced our lead time and increased our flexibility by investing in the newest technology and machinery. We do all this and more, always offering the VOB quality that our customers expect.

Our organisation
As a customer-oriented organisation VOB is at your service 24/7. Customer-oriented means thinking along with you, in your interest. We find the best solution for all your productions. VOB offers honest and expert advice about possible alternatives to ensure you get the highest quality at the lowest possible price.  
At VOB, a team of field staff and order managers are always at your service. Our extremely skilled technical staff are very flexible and can be deployed throughout the production process.

Printing obviously involves paper. But at VOB, we up the ante. By printing on a wide range of very diverse materials. At VOB, we work with all kinds of materials, enabling us to always find the best solution for your printing job. Have a look at our collection of samples to see what’s possible.

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